How to fly in comfort

Until now, traveling by plane was not a particularly comfortable experience. Airplanes are vehicles with limited space in which the passenger has to spend, at times, too long without moving from his seat.

Therefore, when planning a flight there are many aspects to take into account. Before booking our ticket we not only have to be clear about the destination and the date on which we want to fly, but also the airline with which we are going to travel and the type of flight we need. In addition to all these considerations, there is another thing that usually worries us a lot: it is the cost of the ticket, which is influenced by various factors. Some time ago we told you in this blog how to find cheap plane tickets and, although there are several ways to save when traveling by plane, it is certainly not advisable to do so to the detriment of our comfort, which is so important in this mode of transport.

Rest as on land

In fact, more and more companies want their passengers to travel as comfortably as possible, and make being the premise one of their fundamental objectives. One of these airlines is Airberlin, which has just reinvented the Business class . Now, with the new 19-seat configuration on its Airbus A330 aircraft, if you travel with this company you will have more space and direct access to the aisle from all seats.

They have also incorporated new seats reclining up to 180º and equipped with a massage function to guarantee the rest of the passengers. In addition, all seats are equipped with a 15-inch monitor so that everyone can choose their own way of entertaining themselves, be it watching a movie, listening to music, etc.