How to stay for free when you travel

With the economic crisis that exists today, it is necessary to make many sacrifices to be able to face all the expenses. That means that leisure things are in the background, but it is also important to allocate a budget for them, no matter how little. We all need to have fun and relax from time to time, so you have to find a way to travel while spending little money.

When it comes to traveling, there is no reason to spend a fortune, by choosing your transport and accommodation well, you will be able to travel for little money. Regarding transport, you can choose low-cost airlines or make the trip by car, bus or train, which is also more fun. Today I would like to focus on the formulas that you can use to get free accommodation during your holidays.


It is probably the best option to save on accommodation. It is something as simple as staying in the house of people who make their sofa or a room available to travelers, charging very little money for it. In some cases, money is not even asked, but a time of company, conversation and a coffee. In addition, if you get on well with the owners of the house, you will not only make friends but you will also be able to have an exceptional tour guide.

Home exchange

vacation home
An option that has grown a lot over the years and that consists of exchanging your home with another person during the holidays. For example, you want to go to New York and there is someone there who also offers to exchange his house, and coincidentally he wants to know your city. You set dates, and each one stays at the other’s house without having to pay anything, except for any damage that could be caused during the holidays.

House Sitting

It is an option that is starting to grow a lot in the last year, and will soon be one of the most used. It is one in which a family wants to go on vacation but does not want to leave their home alone , so they choose travelers to stay there, thus offering free accommodation in exchange for the house being watched while its owners are away.