Javana Spa in Jakarta

A melting pot of diverse cultures, a rich artistic heritage (which combines with the most colonial style and the most modern influences) and a very smooth rhythm in the day to day (which is expressed through the smiling faces of its people) are just some of the most important features of Jakarta . If you want to travel to a hospitable place, this is your destination. A trip to this underrated archipelago gives the traveler the chance to make a series of surprising discoveries .

Jakarta may be a modern city, made up mainly of cement and concrete buildings, but it is also a great city of contrasts. Within an hour or two by car you can visit the impressive tropical forests that are part of the area. In case you don’t know, spas are becoming the main protagonists of Jakarta.

Built in the middle of the jungle, next to some mountains and facing a waterfall, you will find the Javana spa . The Spa is located 55 kilometers from the city center. You are sure to be impressed by the lush vegetation that surrounds it and the area in general. The luxurious place has 30 tastefully decorated bungalows. It has been in operation for a long time and is known throughout the world for having become the source of energy, healing and renewal for all those who arrive exhausted from the big cities.

Upon arrival, you can take a walk through the beautiful Japanese gardens that surround the building. When you enter the interior, you can choose from endless treatments and then you can enjoy a healthy meal in its gourmet restaurant. In fact, the kitchen plays a huge role in the spa and they serve three delicious meals a day.