Kilimanjaro is much more than the pinnacle of the African continent, it is a myth that mixes adventure and the testimony of explorers. It is the challenge in which you really test your abilities, and you do it on a spectacular mountain located in the northeast of Tanzania . Kilimanjaro is made up of three inactive volcanoes: the Shira, at 3962m, the Mawenzi, at 5149m and the Kibo, located between them and whose peak, the Uhuru, rises to 5891m, thus constituting the highest point of the entire African continent. .

Due to global warming, this mountain has been undergoing a sharp decline since the 20th century, with which it is estimated that between 2020 and 2050 it will completely disappear, so if you want to visit it in its splendor you should hurry. It has also suffered significant deforestation, and that despite being a National Park since 1973 because it is home to shepherds in the north and west and Chagga peasants who cultivate plots that extend throughout the skirt of the mountain.

In five days you can conquer this icy roof of Africa and descend into the heat of the continent. To begin, you will enter a lush forest by a great wide and well-trodden path where you will come across powerful vegetation. The path becomes a tunnel whose ceiling is made of fiber strips that hang and sway with the wind while the sun’s rays filter through the trees, a spectacular landscape that is worth seeing at least once in your life.

A little further up, after that spectacular tropical walk , you will come across a glacier, just before discovering, in the mist, the Kibo. You will walk through an almost lunar landscape, but be prepared because it is all uphill and it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe, so be careful. You are almost at 4600m and the cold penetrates your clothes, you may need oxygen, but there is little left. When you are on the equator and the sun rises, you will be able to see how it turns the snow into an incredible reddish color that will make you say “it was worth going up here”, in addition, of course, to the spectacular views that you will be able to have.