Learn about the history of Midwood

New York is made up of different neighborhoods. Although one of the best known is Brooklyn, we cannot forget Midwood. This is an area that is located in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, in the south central part. Its limits are to the north with Bay Ridge Branch and the Brooklyn University campus, on its south side is Avenue P and Kings Highway and finally to the west is Avenue Ocean Parkway.

The Midwood neighborhood got its name from the Dutch word "Midwout." The settlers who arrived from Holland at that time thus referred to a dense forest area between the town of Boswyck and Breuckelen. The Dutch began to settle in the area in 1652 and later the English arrived. It was not until the 1920s that apartment buildings began to be built in the neighborhood.

Gradually large numbers of Midwood residents began to move away to the suburbs in the 1970s and it was not until the 1980s that a revival occurred and new residents began moving into the neighborhood to become an international neighborhood when they began to move. reaching immigrant groups from all over the world.

The largest group of immigrants to settle in Midwood were Russians, groups from South America, Europe, and the Baltic countries, among others, and even groups of immigrants from as far away as India, China, and Korea. Midwood has different educational institutions , among them some of the most prominent are Brooklyn College and Midwood High University.