Let yourself be seduced by "vacationism" in the Valencian Community

Still don’t know what " vacation " is? If you don’t know, it is because surely you have not been to the Valencian Community , because it is the perfect tourist destination to live and feel different experiences.

Going on vacation is more than visiting a town or city that is far from your home to disconnect. Going on vacation should be something like feeling the breeze, the flavors and the magic of each and every corner that makes summer the most joyful and relaxing time of year by far. Hence, a new movement has emerged that is succeeding on Twitter through the hashtag #Vacationism .

Everything you want is at your fingertips

In the Valencian Community there is everything for all audiences. Boredom is forbidden because there is sun, beach, mountains, festivals, culture, relaxation, gastronomy, luxury, tradition, golf … Surely there are many activities that will make you forget the usual day-to-day problems. That and such emblematic places as the City of Arts and Sciences (in the image just below) or the Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts.


Change the chip!

When you opt for "vacation" you opt for a radical change in the way you see and face things. You change the asphalt for the sand, you enjoy the landscape as if it were another dish on your menu, you scream, you walk and without realizing it you arrive at an incredible place. All this before sleeping soundly, because in the Valencian Community you will find tranquility to rest as you deserve.

"Vacationism" makes room for bikinis and evening dresses, modern and traditional, order or improvisation . This is "vacationism", and this is the Valencian Community. Do you think that with everything it can offer you will feel like just another tourist?