London’s Big Ben

One of the monuments of London known to the whole world by the naked eye and by anyone, that is Big Ben , the wonderful clock tower that is in Westminster and that in reality Big Ben is not the clock itself but the bell of 14 tons that is inside the tower and that is what is heard every time the hours are struck. It is not really known where the name came from, although many say that it was nicknamed that because of its great resemblance to the London construction manager, called Benjamin, when the tower and the clock were built, although I do not know …

It is also known as the Clock Tower and the sound of Big Ben has become famous all over the world as well as the Westminster clocks. Every year, on December 31st, the BBC emits the famous chimes from Big Ben, something it has done since 1923. Inside the famous tower there are 4 clocks and 5 bells, the largest being the protagonist of this article. The English Parliament has its seat right there.

In 1856 a reconstruction of the Palace of Westminster was made and this tower was added, which took about 13 years to build. The biggest bell, Big Ben, had to be changed several times since it cracked every time the hammer hit it, so they decided to try changing the hammer so that the blows were not as strong. That worked out wonderfully and it continues to this day. The tower itself is not open to the public, although UK residents can apply to Parliament to arrange a visit.