Mochima National Park in Venezuela

On numerous occasions we have written about the Caribbean and the spectacular paradises that you can find in this region, one of the most beautiful in the world. Crystalline beaches, nature in abundance and spectacular landscapes that make it difficult for you to see such beauty in other places. Today I would like to talk about one of the most beautiful natural paradises that you can find there: the Mochima National Park .

This natural beauty is in Venezuela , in the northeastern part of the country, and in its interior there are several beaches, bays, cliffs, gulfs, mountainous areas, flora and fauna. A great mix of elements that makes it one of the most beautiful natural sites you have ever seen. It covers almost 95,000 hectares of marine area and 32 islands , of which 7 belong to Anzoátegui and the others to Sucre. A fascinating landscape that mixes forests, mountains and sea with some volcanic cones that can be seen from almost anywhere in the park.

Thousands of tourists visit the Mochima National Park every year, not only to enjoy the landscape but also to spend long days on beaches such as Las Maritas, Cautaro, Playa Blanca, Playa Colorada or Manare Cautarito, which are some of the most spectacular. of the area. From the small town of Mochima you can get to any of them, with the only downside that they are usually packed with people almost all year round.

In this park you can also do some activities, such as taking a boat trip, diving or going on an excursion to see dolphins or sharks . The aquatic activities are the most recommended since the seabed is truly incredible and it is worth observing it up close to be able to see live various corals, shrimp, crabs, moray eels or sea anemones.