Nature routes near Madrid capital

Today we are going to continue talking about routes through Madrid , but not precisely because of the capital, but because of the natural environments that are close to it and that are often not only a destination for Madrilenians or people who live there, but also for many others who they want to know new nature destinations . And what can you see? Here are some proposals.

The Green Pond

One of the natural attractions that is close to Madrid is La Charca Verde . This name is known to a pool of crystalline water , which has an emerald green hue due to the rocks at the bottom and its pigmentation , as well as the reflection of the water.

This place is very visited by mountaineers who come to La Pedriza , since many routes start from here to do through the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and that pass through paths with waterfalls and waterfalls , especially in the vicinity. or in the same river Manzanares .

But, in addition, it is also well known because it is considered the Sierra de Madrid because it is the natural pool of many people who come to the place to enjoy these waters of the Manzanares River and some rays of sun .


The Cárcavas

Another area near Madrid that is well worth a visit are the Cárcavas de la Sierra de Ayllón , which are on the border of the Community of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha. It is a very striking area because they have a somewhat peculiar landscape because it seems that one is on another planet due to the vision of the holes in the rocks .

This landscape, which is known as the Valley of Death , is characterized by having been molded over the years, since it has a clay- type terrain, in which the action of the rains has been felt and the wind.