Hidden islands of Spain to live a special summer

The islands are an ideal destination to spend the summer and enjoy a good vacation. To the best known in Spain of the Canary and Balearic Islands, there are other options that are well worth it. They are remote islands in the national territory and are very attractive, allowing you to enjoy a different and incredible vacation . Here we propose some destinations.

The islands

Spain has several remote islands. Starting with the northern area, there is the Island of Ons , in Galicia. Specifically, it is located in front of the Pontevedra estuary. Among its main characteristics are its crystal clear waters and fine white sands. This island is less known than the Cíes, so it is quieter. Not to be missed when visiting Area dos Cans, Canexol beach, Pereiró beach or Dronas beach.

Another option is the Island of Santa Clara , which is located in the Basque Country, specifically, in La Concha Bay. Here it is recommended to visit the natural water pool that it has, as well as the small beaches with views of the city and the paths with picnic areas. For nature lovers it is a good proposal because they can see Iberian lizards, which are an endemic species. The island should not be left without visiting its white lighthouse.

The route takes us to Tabarca , in the Valencian Community, which has coves and beaches with transparent waters. Very characteristic is its marine port where there are restaurants to taste typical dishes such as the caldero.

And within the Canary Islands, there are also some less known. This is the case of the Islote de Lobos , which is 15 minutes from the north of Fuerteventura. Volcanic landscapes, crystalline beaches and a very quiet environment are its main characteristics, to which are added the trails for excursions and visiting the La Montaña caldera, the Lobos lighthouse or the La Calera beach, which is very intimate.

Finally, in the Balearic Islands, there is Isla Dragonera , which is an unexplored environment. During the visit -which are limited-, you must see the Tramontana lighthouse and the other two called Viejos and Llebeig, as well as the various viewpoints on the island. Of course, it is convenient to look at the endemic flora and fauna, among which the little dragons stand out.