Greek islands to live a different summer (that you may not know)

Greek islands
Greece is one of the most touristic countries, especially for the summer because it has great beauty and is a good combination of sun and beach and places to see and learn about their culture. In addition to the better known cities such as, for example, Athens, it also has numerous islands , which are chosen by many tourists every year. Mykonos or Santorini are some of the most popular and well-known for the summer, but there are also other options of great beauty and that, perhaps, are less famous. Here we make a proposal that you can take into account for this summer or for any date because any time is good to travel to Greece.

The islands

One of the options to visit is the island of Andros , which is part of the so-called Cyclades islands. Among its main characteristics is the fact that it is a very quiet destination where you can get to know the authentic Greece because all its charm of yesteryear and customs are preserved.

It is a destination that also surprises many visitors because its land is very fertile and green because it has many streams and springs. This makes it an ideal place for walkers or for those who like to be in contact with nature.

Among the main points of attraction or interest on this island are Gavrio, Batís, Aidonia, Mesaria and Hora, which is its capital. And, of course, a must-see are its beaches . Among the most beautiful or surprising are Agios, Petros, Kipri ​​or Chrissi Ammos.

Greek islands
Another good option to spend some great days in Greece is Astypalia . This island is one of the 12 main ones in the Dodecanese . It is a destination that draws a lot of attention because it is formed by two rock masses , which are joined by an isthmus in the center.

Despite being a rocky mass, the island offers numerous attractions to be visited such as its beaches , which are spectacular, as well as its cliffs . The route can be completed with a route through the villages in the area, which are characterized by having white houses , a color that contrasts with the blue of the Aegean Sea.

And, of course, you can also tour the many churches and chapels , as well as the ruins of ancient temples , columns and other remains, which are still preserved and which are part of its history.

Also very striking is the island of Amorgos , which is another of those located in the Aegean Sea. Specifically, it is the easternmost of all those that make up the Cyclades. One of its most striking elements is the Jozoviotisa monastery , which is small and was founded in the 11th century. But this is not the most characteristic, at least visually. This monastery surprises because it hangs in the middle of a cliff 300 meters above the sea.

It is an island that is very visited for this particularity, but there is no problem to go in summer, since it has two airports . It is also possible to access it via ferries , which link to the island at different times of the day.

And finally, we have to talk about Milos . This is perhaps the best known of the four islands. However, whoever visits her is dazzled by her. And what is the reason? The key is in the water , which is the bluest of all the Cyclades islands.

In addition, it is home to some of the beaches that are considered the most beautiful in the world. In total, it adds up to 71. To all this is added an almost virgin landscape , as well as the towns located in this area. In addition, it is a good destination to discover Greek gastronomy , being one of the best places to eat. Do you need more reasons to go?