What to do before traveling to the United States?

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Traveling at any time of the year is a phenomenal experience that should be tried at least once. Whether it is a trip alone or in company, it helps to expand the mind , discover new cultures, exchange anecdotes and make friends. But, before the trip, it is necessary to plan the arrival time, accommodation, transportation and the places to be visited. You also have to follow a series of recommendations and precautions to protect yourself from inconveniences, such as theft, loss, illness or accidents that could occur.

Recommendations for traveling to the United States

To travel to the United States you must have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months until the expiration date . At least 3 months before the trip, it is possible to obtain a new passport that allows safe entry into the country. Another requirement is to obtain the visa according to the corresponding case (work, academic scholarships, tourism, etc.), which always have a cost, so it is requested in advance. All documents (ID, passport, visa and others) are also photocopied in case of loss.

In the Registry of Travelers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, personal data are easily reported so that the system saves the information about the trip and receive help if necessary. Among other recommendations for traveling to the United States, the following are mentioned:

Get vaccinated

Regardless of the country you are traveling to, it is best to check if certain vaccinations are required. Some are placed only once a month before traveling, and others have multiple doses. It is best to receive the advice of an international vaccination center .

Travel insurance

Medical service is highly expensive abroad, and travel insurance to the United States is essential to attend to any type of situation. This insurance supports the medical expenses of small consultations and health emergencies that could ruin the travel budget if it is not contracted.


Plane insurance

The plane is one of the safest means of transport to travel to the United States, although sometimes luggage has been lost or the flight is canceled due to weather conditions. It is ideal to take out plane insurance that covers the loss of luggage or bags and flight delays or cancellations, since certain airlines do not guarantee these costs .

Protect belongings

Cash and belongings (clothing, jewelry, technological devices, and others) are very valuable. During the trip it is important to be careful that these things are not lost or stolen because they do not have backup insurance.