Null Stern, a hotel without a roof or walls in the Swiss Alps

Null Stern photo
Do you like to gaze at the stars? How about doing it lying on a bed from which you can also enjoy wonderful views of the Swiss Alps? Well, now you can do it thanks to the Null Stern Hotel , an original accommodation that allows you to sleep outdoors at almost 2,000 meters above sea level. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it!

Would you like to discover more details about this original hotel in the Alps ? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything that we tell you below!

No roof or walls

As we said, today we are going to tell you about one of the most original hotels that can be found on the planet. This is the Null Stern, a hotel located 1,970 meters high in the Safien Valley, eastern Switzerland . As you can see for yourself, it is not at all like a conventional hotel, and not only because it consists of a single room (in fact, to relieve themselves, clients must walk for about 10 minutes), but because it does not have ceilings. no walls. Without a doubt, this is one of its main attractions, as during the day you can see fantastic views of the Alps, while at night the sky is filled with stars.

Null Stern photo1

The customer at the center of the experience

Although the only room in the hotel does not have a ceiling or walls, it does have the necessary furniture to sleep soundly. Thus, it is composed of a bed with a headboard, two bedside tables with their respective lamps and a couple of stools. Of course, as you can see for yourself by taking a look at our gallery, all these pieces are located on the most conventional floor. According to the hotel owners, their goal is to put the customer at the center of the experience. On the other hand, they intend to focus on the intangible, reducing the rest to a minimum.

Waiter service

As explained from the hotel, they offer the services of a uniformed waiter who serves breakfast in the mornings. It is a typical breakfast in the area, consisting of a cold meat sandwich and a coffee. In addition, dinner is also served in the same bed. The food is prepared in the cabin where the waiter lives, which is also the place where the bathroom is located where the customer must go. As you may have imagined, due to the weather conditions in the area, the hotel is only open from spring to autumn. Of course, the creators warn that reservations can be canceled due to bad weather.

Null Stern photo2

It is not his first project out of the ordinary

The creators of this original hotel are the brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and their partner Daniel Charbonnier, who have been based on the concept “the only star is you”. Of course, it is not the only strange project that they have carried out. A few years ago they also founded a hotel located in a former nuclear bunker located in Teufen, Switzerland, which they described as “the first zero-star hotel in the world”. In both cases, his goal was to break with the conventional. Would you like to spend a night in this curious hotel? Well, you should know that the price per night is about 250 Swiss francs (about 228 euros). Of course, you must sign up on the waiting list for 2017, since the reservations for this season are already full. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of this surprising hotel located in the Swiss Alps. Do not miss it!