Penghu, the double heart shaped bay

Looking for romantic places? Surely you have thought of Paris, Venice or Prague, which are three cities that we usually go to for an unforgettable couple’s getaway. However, you should know that in the world there are other destinations capable of offering that level of romance that you are looking for. An example? The bay in the Penghu Islands , in the Taiwan Strait.

A paradise to know

Although they are not in the catalogs of the main travel agencies, it must be said that these islands have a special charm. In fact, they say that they were formed from the reflections of the stars , something that you can believe or not depending on how much you want to feel as if you were in a magical place.

What is certain is that it is an archipelago made up of 64 islands that were sculpted by the wind, the sea and the volcanoes. The Pescadores Islands , which is the other name they receive, are in the Tropic of Cancer bathed by turquoise waters and inhabited by marine species of all kinds.

The Asian Canaries are still not well known to tourists. Only Asians dare to visit them in the hope of witnessing the spectacle that includes the Penghu National Scenic Area, an area protected by the high value of its natural resources.


What to do in Penghu?

If you are lucky enough to move there, you should know that there are three clearly differentiated areas : North Sea, South Sea and Magong. In the North Sea you will be able to contemplate birds of exceptional beauty and practice water sports, while in the South Sea is where the beautiful bay with the shape of a double heart is located that you can see in the first image that illustrates this article. Lastly, Magong is an area with several islands connected by bridges.

The famous hearts are in Quimei

Quimei is the island you must visit if you want to run into the loving bay. There are very curious natural formations, but there are also those that are artificial, such as the stones that form the double heart. In addition, and this will certainly displease you, they are an elaborate trap for fish, since they are trapped as soon as the tide rises. Of course, it is a fishing technique that has become obsolete because today there are other more effective techniques.

What else can you see in Quimei? Little Taiwan , a platform with the silhouette of Taiwan that can be seen from a viewpoint located in Donghu, to the north of the island. I also recommend you go up to the Waiting Husband Reef cliff, where legend has it that a woman would look out every day to wait for her husband to return from fishing. The tragic thing was that one very rainy day her husband did not return and decided to wait for him eternally in the port of Yueili, although he finally collapsed and fell into the sea, right where there is now a rock with a bulging shape reminiscent of her pregnant belly.

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