Plan for a rainy day in Ibiza

ibiza rain
Ibiza is one of the most visited islands in Europe when summer arrives, something that is not surprising if we consider that it offers a spectacular climate and dream beaches, as well as a lot of nightlife. However, it is possible that after spending a long time waiting for your vacation on the Pitiusan island, the weather is not good and the rainy days predominate. Do not panic! There are many plans that can be made in Ibiza during a rainy day!

If you live in Ibiza or you plan to spend a few days on this beautiful Balearic island, you will not be able to miss anything that we tell you below, since we are going to propose some interesting plans for rainy days.

Take advantage of the nights

You have been waiting for months to enjoy your holidays in Ibiza and, when the time comes, you find out that the weather is not going to be the most favorable to enjoy the beaches, one of the great attractions of the island. Well, instead of being sad, you can take your Ibiza holidays in another way. For example, if you like to party , you can take advantage of your stay on the island to enjoy its lively nightlife. And you already know that the island has some of the best nightclubs in all of Spain. In bad weather, you won’t be worried about waking up a little later in the morning.

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You should also know that if a rainy day arises during your holidays in Ibiza, there are many plans you can make. For example, you can visit one of its museums and thus discover the rich ethnographic, archaeological and artistic heritage of the island. Among the most important we highlight the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Diocesan Museum or the Madina Yabisa Interpretation Center.

Dalt Vila

Another interesting plan for a rainy day is to visit the historic center of Ibiza, a walled enclosure known as Dalt Vila, a place that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. You can access through five doors, although the most Beautiful of all of them is the so-called Portal de ses Taules. Inside you will find, among other places, the Patio de Armas, the Plaza de Vila, the Cathedral and a lot of shops and restaurants. Of course, we also recommend that you visit this place even if it does not rain. During the visit to Dalt Vila you can take the opportunity to visit La Marina, an old fishing district full of shops.

ibiza rain2

The Park Square

We also recommend a visit to the Plaza del Parque, which is located in the center of the city, just between the walls and Paseo Vara de Rey. It is a small square surrounded by bars with a lot of atmosphere both in summer and winter and at night and during the day. As for the Paseo, it is also a very lively place with a lot of shops.

Tour the center of the island by car

Another good plan is to rent a car and take the opportunity to visit the towns that are in the center of the island, which are also worth visiting. We refer, among others, to San Rafael, Santa Gertrudis or San Carlos.

ibiza rain3

Enjoy the gastronomy

Finally, we recommend that you take advantage of the rainy days to enjoy the gastronomy of Ibiza. And, believe it or not, there are many typical dishes of this place. The bullit de peix , the rice from slaughter and the classic farmhouse bread with aioli stand out. In addition, you should try the typical sweets of the island, such as graixonera or flaó.