Reasons to visit Porto

A few days ago we talked to you about some of the best cities in Europe to make a getaway. Among them was Porto , a romantic destination of contrasts: the new mixes with the old, students with the elderly, restored palaces with abandoned houses, medieval buildings with avant-garde architecture, designer shops with street vendors. …

If you have the opportunity to travel to what is also called Porto, you will discover a city with a lot of charm and character that, in a way, transmits nostalgia. Of course, it is also a place with a lively nightlife. Have we still not convinced you that traveling to Porto is an excellent idea? Well, you must join us, since below we are going to give you some reasons why it is worth visiting this wonderful Portuguese city.

Its architectural heritage

How could it be otherwise, we have to start by talking about its architectural heritage, since the city offers some buildings with a lot of history. We want to highlight the Church of San Francisco, in the Gothic style; the Sé or Porto Cathedral; the Chapel of Souls, in a neoclassical style; the Plaza de la Libertad, which connects the old with the modern Porto; and the Torre de los Clérigos , one of the most emblematic monuments of the city (you can see it in the photograph above these lines). Of course, there are also more modern buildings that are worth discovering, such as the São Bento train station, the Casa da Música, the Faculty of Architecture or the Vodafone headquarters.

Its bridges

And speaking of architecture, we cannot forget its bridges. In fact, one of the most popular excursions is the boat trip that crosses the 6 bridges of the city: the Arrábida Bridge, the longest in Porto; the Freixo Bridge, located at the eastern end; the Don Luís I Bridge , the most emblematic; the Puente del Infante Enrique, the newest; the María Pia bridge, built by Gustave Eiffel; and the Sao Joao Bridge, only for trains.

Its gastronomy

Little Frenchie
We cannot talk about Porto without mentioning its gastronomy, since in this city you can find some of the most typical flavors of Portugal. Special mention should be made of the cod which, prepared in different ways, is the star dish of the country. Other typical dishes are tripas a moda do Porto, a kind of bean stew with tripe; las francesinhas , a sandwich with various ingredients; vegetable and fish soups; and the creams, some cream cakes. Of course, we have to highlight the wine. In fact, there are many wineries that can be visited. Among the best areas for lunch and dinner we highlight the Ribeira, on the banks of the Duero.

Its beach

On the other hand, you should know that in the surroundings of Porto you can find great beaches, so the city is also a fantastic summer destination. Special mention should be made of Foz do Douro , one of the most exclusive places in the city, which you can reach by bus or tram. Here you will not only find beaches, but a beautiful and lively promenade.

Its special charm

Finally, we want to recommend that you visit Porto simply for the charm of its neighborhoods and streets, many of which will transport you to another era. In addition, thanks to its privileged location, in this city you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from many corners, especially from its viewpoints, among which the Mirador da Vitoria stands out , located in an abandoned courtyard next to a house in ruins. Yes, we know that does not sound tempting, but here you will enjoy the best views of the city.

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