Recommended honeymoon trips

honeymoon travel
All the trips you make throughout your life will remain forever in your memory. Of course, without any doubt, one of the most special will be the honeymoon, which will become a unique and, of course, unrepeatable experience. And it is that, among other things, it must be taken into account that for many people the honeymoon becomes the first and even the only great trip of their life.

The perfect honeymoon does not exist, since each couple is different. Of course, the ideal is that it is a special destination so that the honeymoon is remembered for a lifetime. Today at Vuela Viajes we are going to recommend different honey trips depending on the needs and tastes of the couple. Can you come with us?

For those who need a break

If you want your honeymoon to allow you to rest and relax after the stress of the wedding, the best thing is that you opt for a destination of sun, beach and all-inclusive hotels. In this sense, the cheapest destinations can be found in some corners of the Caribbean (Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Cuba …). However, we propose other paradisiacal places that, although they are also exploited for tourism, will allow you to enjoy greater privacy. We refer to the Maldives, Thailand, French Polynesia, Mauritius or the Seychelles.


For animal lovers

An experience that you will never forget will be that of going on a safari in Africa. Therefore, if you and your partner consider yourselves lovers of nature and, above all, of animals, a trip to the African continent can be an excellent option. And it is that, in addition to having the possibility of observing different wild animals, you will be able to know cultures and landscapes very different from the ones you are used to. Other interesting destinations include Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Also, think that in many places in Africa you can combine adventure with paradisiacal beaches where you can relax. Of course, before preparing your trip to an African country it is important that you inform yourself well about how the area is at that time (wars, political conflicts, epidemics …).


For adventure lovers

If the idea of ​​traveling to Africa for a safari does not convince you too much but you do want an adventurous trip, a good idea is to travel the United States on Route 66 by caravan or motorcycle. In this way, you will get to know a good part of the country of opportunities by living unforgettable experiences. For adventure sports lovers we recommend Costa Rica, where you can also enjoy spectacular wild nature.

Costa Rica

For city lovers

If nature does not suit you too much but you do not want to spend your holidays lying in a hammock, a good solution is to travel to one of those cities that you have always wanted to know. The most chosen in these cases is New York , although you can also travel to more romantic destinations, such as Venice or Paris. In addition, there are many other corners in Europe that are worth visiting: London, Berlin, the Norwegian Fjords, Scotland … How about preparing a route through one of those countries that you have so much desire to know?

New York

For lovers of the exotic

And if what you really want on your honeymoon is to move to an exotic corner where you can get to know different cultures and ways of life, we recommend that you travel to any country in Asia: Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Bali … Also You will love to know other corners of the world such as Peru, Ethiopia, India, Egypt, Australia, Argentina …

What type of honeymoon are you going to choose?