Romantic Restaurants in Sacramento

If you have a very romantic date to celebrate and you are traveling in Sacramento , here are some of the most romantic restaurants you will find in the city:

1. Melting Pot
You should not leave this romantic restaurant without trying its succulent strawberries dipped in hot chocolate. This place specializes in offering its exclusive clients a seductive menu of cheese fondues , rich chocolates and a great selection of wines. It is not a cheap place, remember that. Cheese and chocolate fondues cost between $ 16 and $ 32. Address : 814 15th St., Sacramento, CA 95814

2. The Firehouse
Firehouse is considered one of the best restaurants in the city. The high prices for their dishes are worth paying. Although the exterior of the restaurant does not seem very romantic, once you walk inside and see its elegant interior with large mirrors and beautiful paintings your opinion will change. After dinner, you can take a walk along the river bank that you will find next to it. Address : 1112 San Segundo, El Viejo Sacramento, CA 95814

3. Mason
It is the most fashionable restaurant. The high ceilings, the teak wood floors and the large sofas that you can find inside will make you think that you are in an exclusive loft in the Soho of New York . The restaurant’s menu contains exquisite dishes such as the delicious duck with passion fruit, mango and baked kiwi. Address : 1116 15th St., Sacramento, CA 95814

4. Supper Club
Supper Club offers a very intimate atmosphere to all its clients. There are lit candles everywhere to make the atmosphere much more romantic. The chef comes out of the kitchen to explain the menu, as if the dinner you are about to enjoy has been made especially for you. Address : 1636 Del Paso Road, Sacramento, CA 95815