Romantic hotels in Barcelona

Today we want to talk about romantic hotels in Barcelona , hotels to go as a couple and enjoy all the pleasures of a room full of comforts. Specifically, today we will recommend two: the Hotel Regàs and the Hotel La França .

The first of them is the classic hotel for couples without too many luxuries. It is to take advantage of the hours because it is paid precisely by the hour, although you can also spend the night. There are three types of rooms: the standard, the fantasy and the suite. Staying overnight costs more than 100 euros . There is free parking, maximum discretion is guaranteed to avoid crossing with other clients and there is a bar service with sandwiches and drinks of all kinds.

The second has a lot more cache. The Hotel La França is very successful . Located near Plaza España , you will have to book in advance if you want to enjoy one of its best rooms. There are up to six types of rooms, the most luxurious of all the Superior Suites, with mirrors, round bed, jacuzzi bathtub with hydromassage view for two people, music, LCD television … Like the Regàs, it offers free parking, maximum discretion and service of much more complete bar.