Seychelles: virgin beaches to rest in an authentic paradise

The Seychelles are one of those destinations that are dreamlike for its landscapes and the natural environment in which you can live a few days to rest , disconnect … It is a place that many people dream of , especially as a result of the confinement and the desire to travel and to live unparalleled experiences. It is a destination that can be accessed, despite the pandemic but always with care-, since tourists are allowed to enter with a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test.

Natural place

The Seychelles are a group of islands, mostly virgin or with very few inhabitants, that keep nature intact. In fact, the surface of these islands is 1.3 million square kilometers of maritime platform, which would be equivalent to three times the surface of Spain, with only about 455 of mainland, having an area less than that of Ibiza.

And, of it, in addition, half is a protected area, which is divided into the 115 islands , many of them are uninhabited and are practically covered by vegetation . In the towns, there are so few isolated houses and small groups of houses that, together with the hotels , are the only human presence.

This makes them a true paradise. And this dreamlike environment is also achieved by its small , clean beaches with transparent water where numerous animal species live.

From the point of view of fauna, you can see in its sea waters from giant octopuses to large whale sharks or small fish of radiant colors. The sky is a great ecosystem with birds of multiple species. It is estimated that more than a million birds live on Bird Island alone. And, of course, on land, many animals also coexist such as giant tortoises , which can weigh 300 kilos, as well as iguanas, flying foxes, guinea pigs or tenreks, among others.


Besides enjoying the beaches and nature, you can also see its capital . It is Victoria and concentrates a third of the population of the entire archipelago. This small city, with only about twelve streets , draws attention for its provincial appearance and colonial charm.

Despite its small size, it has attractions such as its market where seafood and fish display a brilliant palette of colors , ranging from silver to scarlet red, blue or pink. This product is especially important because it is the basis of the diet of the natives, who usually only consume meat on Sundays.

You can also see the Victoria Botanical Garden with about 50 species of palm trees, breadfruit trees, tamarinds, papayas and other tropical plants. Of course, there is no shortage of orchids, which are of great beauty.

The tour takes us to visit the Clock Tower , which is the icon of the city. It was installed in 1903, when the Seychelles became a British colony, being a replica of Big Ben in London.


And, of course, another way to enjoy the Seychelles is with its gastronomy , which is very varied and rich, being the result of the different ethnic groups and cultures that have led to combining fruits and vegetables with fish or rice .

Among the dishes, the so-called Civet de chauve souris stands out , which is a bat that lives on the islands and is considered a real delicacy. It is cooked with fruit and curry sauce.

Another well-known dish is Palourd , which is seafood accompanied by flavored butter, or Tektek , which is a seasoned seafood soup . In the sauces, you have to try the Daule, which is bittersweet.

And what can you drink? Apart from the fruit juices and citronelle tea , you must try the Coco d’Amour , which is a quite sweet coconut milk liqueur .