The most beautiful cathedrals in Spain

Spain is a country that can be explored in many ways for tourism : natural environment, popular culture and traditions, history, historical-artistic heritage, gastronomy … And, within each of these options, there is still more. For example, it is possible to do only one route to see cathedrals . Here we make a list of those that are considered the most beautiful in the national territory.


The Cathedral of Seville tops the ranking within Spain as the most beautiful in the whole country. It is a Gothic temple that, in addition, is the largest in the world in this style, although this cathedral also occupies a good position due to its dimensions – specifically the third one – if other styles are attended. In this case, it would only be behind St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Next is Burgos Cathedral , which is inspired by French Gothic patterns. The large rose window with tracery of a six-pointed star and its pinnacles on the façade stands out, as well as its interior with the Renaissance ambulatory and the tombs of the Cid Campeador and his wife Doña Jimena. In this cathedral, which is the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula, it is also striking to see an 18th century automaton.

The third position within Spain is for the Cathedral of Granada , where the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs are. Its construction is a clear example of Herrerian architecture in Spain. Artistic gems like Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Orchard Prayer’ are well worth seeing.

The Cathedral of Segovia is in fourth position in this ranking. Considered the ‘Lady of the Cathedrals’ for its elegance and dimensions, it stands out for its interior in which a choir made of walnut wood in the flamboyant Gothic style can be seen, among other attractions.

And, finally, the first five positions are closed with the Cathedral of León . Apart from its exterior architecture, it is important to look closely inside because it houses one of the most important collections of medieval stained glass in the world, with a total of 1,800 square meters made up of its crystals.