Nuevo Baztán: a historical-artistic gem near Madrid

The towns of Spain continue to surprise us because the list of those that are considered the most beautiful in the country does not stop growing. In this case, we are going to focus on Nuevo Baztán . A town that is an authentic historical-artistic gem within the Community of Madrid. Those who live in this autonomy have a good opportunity to visit it and travel it without having to do many kilometers. The rest can well plan a weekend or a getaway to discover its many attractions.

What to see

The Nuevo Baztán is located in the southeast of the Community of Madrid . This town was founded at the beginning of the 18th century by Juan de Goyeneche y Gastón . Curiously, it was originally conceived as an agricultural and manufacturing center for products that were highly valued in those years, such as fabrics and glasses.

However, this municipality is now valued for its architectural complex, which has earned it the declaration of a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1941, in addition to being an Asset of Cultural Interest since 2000.

And what is there to see? Obviously, its architectural ensemble in which it is striking that it was designed outwards so that citizens could relate to each other.

Not to be missed is the Baroque palace , which presided over a stately nucleus that was surrounded by three squares . Among them, the Plaza de las Fiestas stands out , which is also known as the Plaza de Toros because it was where bullfighting festivals and other acts such as plays or concerts were held at the time of Juan de Goyeneche.

The visit should also take us to see the Trade Houses and the arched balconies , as well as the Goyeneche Palace-Church , which was erected by José Benito de Churriguera and which forms a continuous facade with the church, giving way to a nucleus central in the municipality.

This building is built in warm Berroqueña stone and consists of two heights . In addition, on its extreme side, there is a tower reminiscent of Herrera, which is topped by a stone balustrade and balls, which was made in homage to Juan de Herrera.

What to eat

The gastronomy of the municipality is also very rich, predominating roasts and lamb chops . Likewise, it is advisable to try sheep’s cheese and local vegetables . And, to top it all off, you have to eat the repápalos , which are a sweet made with wine and cinnamon, very similar to pestiños.