Staying in a Bed & Breakfast in the UK

Bed & Breakfasts in the United Kingdom became fashionable a few years ago and more and more followers see them as the ideal way to stay in that country and be able to enjoy their holidays more economically. England , Scotland, Wales and even Ireland are the only countries in the world that have this fantastic formula to save a little money on accommodation. This type of accommodation, whose translation is ‘bed and breakfast’, consists of private houses whose owners welcome guests in one of their rooms and offer them a breakfast. In addition, they also allow you to enjoy other rooms in the house and you have the opportunity to practice the language with them. These are the characteristics of the Bed & Breakfast :

– The biggest advantage it has, in addition to the economic one, is that you will be able to make the most of the day since by not having any other food paid for, you do not have to return at any specific time. The owners are very friendly people who do everything possible so that the guest is totally comfortable during their stay since there is a lot of offer and everyone wants to have the maximum comforts , in addition to that economically it is an injection for the family and that always comes in handy .

– There are some that are really spectacular, especially those in small towns or rural areas , where you can stay in an old mansion or in buildings that look like castles. Among the many services you can find even a swimming pool or sports activities.

– Prices vary depending on the type of house and the location, so obviously it will be more expensive to stay in London than in any city on the outskirts, but it will still be cheaper than in any hotel. For example, in London you can find accommodation for 20 pounds (about € 23) and that can go up to the same as a 5-star hotel because its quality also deserves it.
– They are also divided by categories, using the Diamonds AA or Stars (Visit Britain) system, which depend on the building, the situation, the services it offers, the size, if there is a bathroom in the rooms, if they can offer you dinner, etc. .

– To find your Bed & Breakfast accommodation you have a lot of web pages that will help you choose it by category, area, price, etc … Just like looking for any hotel. Almost all can be booked online. You can also check if the buildings have the sign with ‘Bed & Breakfast’, all those that offer it have it outside.

Undoubtedly one of the best options if you want to visit one of these countries and be able to stay every day in a different place. They are so successful in the UK that many parts of the US are starting to use this formula.