Szentendre, one of the most beautiful villages in Hungary

When we talk to you about the most beautiful towns in Hungary, we don’t forget Szentendre , which is not only one of the most visited due to the fact that it is only half an hour by car from Budapest. It is because of all that it is able to offer tourists, who get a very good impression of everything they discover on its streets.

The fact that it is a town where Serbs, Greeks and Bosnians lived fleeing the Ottoman empire in the 15th century makes it a box of surprises, and that we can even get to feel like in the Mediterranean being in the center of Europe.

Art around every corner

If there is something that defines the people of Szentendre, that is nothing other than art. Its cobbled streets are witnesses to the movement of painters and sculptors who have left their mark. That is why it should not surprise you that there are colored houses and that even the churches are displayed in unconventional tones. That is why you will not be able to save your camera for a second.


Prepared for tourism

Art abounds, but so are souvenir shops . Business is business and in this town they have realized that tourism can be used in many ways. This precisely explains that at certain times it is not a privilege to take a walk, since the buses that arrive in Szentendre prevent you from seeing the town with the tranquility that one always seeks on his trips. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to stay overnight and enjoy the place at times when there are hardly any tourists.

If you ask me about the main points of interest in Szentendre, I will tell you that you cannot miss the Central Square, where you will see the Merchant’s Cross , which dates back to 1763 and was raised to recognize the work of Serbian merchants.

Two other essentials are the Catholic Church of St. John and the Basilica of Belgrade , which in this case is Orthodox and was built by the Serbs. And finally, apart from the cemetery in the highest area, I would like to recommend the Kovács family store, where they have been producing wood since the end of the 19th century. As soon as you see it from the front, you will understand why I have commented that there is a certain Mediterranean atmosphere.

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