10 cities in which to practice marijuana tourism

What motivates you when it comes to traveling? Not all of us have the same preferences and we move by the same, since there are many types of tourism that influence more than we think in the choice of where to spend a vacation or enjoy a getaway.

Those who are motivated by marijuana over other interests, the most logical thing is that they like to visit the 10 cities that I mention below.

Amsterdam (Holland)

What teenager has not dreamed of organizing a trip to Amsterdam? There it gives the feeling that everything is allowed, and even if it is not like that, it cannot be denied that there is wide manga in various subjects. For a reason, they have been a reference destination for marijuana lovers for more than 40 years, who visit their Coffee Shops with a smile from ear to ear.

Prague (Czech Republic)

We know about the tradition that Prague cafes have, but their fame is usually attributed to them for other issues that have nothing to do with marijuana. However, in recent years it has been establishing itself as a place to consider, since there you can take 15 grams of marijuana with you and another 5 of hashish without the police being able to tell you something about it. Normal to be considered the Amsterdam of the East.

Barcelona, ​​Spain)

It is the best option for those who live in Spain. There are more than 200 cannabis clubs and that explains how comfortable one can feel in Barcelona. In them, marijuana is distributed in a controlled way, since on the street, as you well know, it is forbidden to possess it.

Negril (Jamaica)

If we talk about Jamaica and reggae, it is inevitable that a marijuana joint comes to mind. In this very touristy destination in the Caribbean country, between beautiful beaches and with the memory of Bob Marley very present, you can take guided excursions to see hidden plantations. Of course, remember that it is illegal.

Kathmandu (Nepal)

At 1,300 meters above sea level, contemplating the vastness of the Himalayas , cannabis has the approval of those who promote Buddhist and Hindu culture. In fact, in the 70s cannabis was legal and there were hash shops. A good part of the marijuana consumed all over the planet comes out of Nepal.

New Delhi (India)

Marijuana is considered one of the five sacred plants in the Atharvaveda, a sacred text of Hinduism that dedicates a few words to it. Although the city is best known for the distribution of hashish, there is a neighborhood that specializes in marijuana: Paharganj .

Montevideo, Uruguay)

Leaving aside mate, which is what Uruguayans like the most, in Montevideo (and other cities in Uruguay) marijuana is very successful thanks to the measure adopted in December 2013. It became the first country in the world in which the production and sale of marijuana is regulated, although for this you must be Uruguayan or have been there for at least 2 years.

Chaouen (Morocco)

Morocco or it could be left out of this list. We all know what is happening in Chaouen, a city of 35,000 inhabitants that is not only known for the beauty of its blue streets, but also stands out for the large amount of cannabis that is consumed (and exported). They call it "kif", "kiffi" ​​or "kiphy" .

Denver (United States)

There are four states where you can grow marijuana without having to explain yourself to anyone. They are Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon. For this reason, Denver is an ideal destination for cannabis fans, who can request tours organized by travel agencies to enjoy the experience in marijuana plantations and dispensaries. In fact, there are also bars and hotels with a reserved for smoking.

Vancouver (Canada)

Canada has jumped on the bandwagon in the best possible way, legalizing marijuana to the delight of millions of Canadians. Justin Trudeau , the governor, decided to pardon those convicted of cannabis possession and changed the laws to make it the second industrialized country to legalize marijuana. Hence, Vancouver is an even more open and free city than it already was.

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