The 20 most populous cities in the world in 2018

We started the year with a ranking that has always aroused my interest. It is one of the most populated cities in the world , which, as you can imagine, takes us directly to Asia. This is where the vast majority are (9 of the top 10 are Asian), while Africa and Oceania have no representatives. Europe only has one city in the Top 20 and the United States appears with its two most touristic cities.

Before starting the review, did you know that in 2050 there will be almost 10 billion people? Almost nothing…

1- Tokyo-Yokohama (Japan)

Japan is the city that leads the ranking, something that is not surprising considering the number of people who pass through a famous zebra crossing located in the Shibuya neighborhood (you have surely seen it in films and documentaries).

Population: 38,050,000
Area: 8,547 km2
Density: 4,500 / km2

2- Jakarta (Indonesia)

Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia, also makes an appearance on the list with a number that exceeds 30 million inhabitants.

Population: 32,275,000
Area: 3,302 km2
Density: 9,800 / km2

3- Delhi (India)

India is one of the most populated countries in the world and that is partly due to the large concentration of people living in Delhi, where poverty can unfortunately be seen in many streets.

Population: 27,280,000
Area: 2,202 km2
Density: 12,400 / km2

4- Manila (Philippines)

This other Asian country has its capital among the most populated cities in the world. You can see for yourself if you decide to travel there on vacation, something that more and more people decide to do.

Population: 24,650,000
Area: 1,787 km2
Density: 13,600 / km2

5- Seoul (South Korea)

The capital of South Korea also sneaks into this list on its own merits. Many people live there, much more than in the capital of North Korea.

Population: 24,210,000
Area: 2,745 km2
Density: 8,800 / km2

6- Shanghai (China)

Some people tend to think that China has the most populated cities in the world because it is the country with the most population on the planet. However, its most populated city is in peusto number 6.

Population: 24,115,000
Area: 4,015 km2
Density: 6,000 / km2

7- Mumbai (India)

We return to India to talk about another of its most important cities. Poverty is also palpable in Mumbai, perhaps because too many people live there for the opportunities that exist.

Population: 23,265,000
Area: 881 km
Density: 26,400 / km2

8- New York (United States)

New York
The Big Apple is so large that it can host more than 20 million people, a number that grows even more when summer arrives, since it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Population: 21,575,000
Area: 11,875 km2
Density: 1,700 / km2

9- Beijing (China)

The capital of China, Beijing, is not the most populated in the country, but the number of people living there is not bad at all.

Population: 21,250,000
Area: 4,144 km2
Density: 5,100 / km2

10- Sao Paulo (Brazil)

The most populous South American city in the world is Sao Paulo. It is true that Rio de Janeiro tends to attract more tourists and enchants us with its beaches, but the weight that Sao Paulo has at the state level is unquestionable.

Population: 21,100,000
Area: 3,043 km2
Density: 6,900 / km2

11- Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico City
Mexico City is another very great city. Many people live in the capital of Mexico without the territory that belongs to them being excessively large.

Population: 20,565,000
Area: 2,370 km2
Density: 8,700 / km2

12- Guangzhou (China)

It is the third Chinese city in terms of number of inhabitants, close to 20 million.

Population: 19,965,000
Area: 3,820 km2
Density: 5,200 / km2

13- Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh is also a very populated place. This is demonstrated by its capital, Dhaka.

Population: 17,425,000
Area: 368 km2
Density: 47,400 / km2

14- Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto (Japan)

Although very far from Tokyo, this trident must also be considered as one of the most populated on the planet.

Population: 17,165,000
Area: 3,238 km2
Density: 5,300 / km2

15- Moscow (Russia)

The only European city on this list has a fairly low density, as Moscow is a very large city.

Population: 16,855,000
Area: 5,698 km2
Density: 3,000 / km2

16- Cairo (Egypt)

Anyone who has traveled to the capital of Egypt knows that in Cairo many people live in the little space where tall buildings mix with short ones.

Population: 16,545,000
Area: 1,917 km2
Density: 8,600 / km2

17- Bangkok (Thailand)

The capital of Thailand, one of the cities that is still fashionable in terms of tourism, can become overwhelming at certain times, especially if you rent a car to explore its streets. Motorcycles, bicycles, tuk-tuks… It’s crazy.

Population: 15,975,000
Area: 3,043 km2
Density: 5,200 / km2

18- Los Angeles (United States)

The Angels
In this other city in the United States, where many famous people are concentrated, the number of people who live is also considerable.

Population: 15,620,000
Area: 6,299 km
Density: 2,300 / km2

19- Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires competes with Sao Paulo to become the most populous city in South America, but for that it still has a long way to go.

Population: 15,520,000
Area: 6,299 km2
Density: 2,300 / km2

20- Kolkata (India)

We close the list with this Indian city with a huge density of inhabitants.

Population: 15,095,000
Area: 1,347 km
Density: 11,200 / km2

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