Taxis in New York

The famous taxi (yellow cab) Yellow is undoubtedly the means of transport used and known in New York and there are countless moving through the streets, so you will not have any trouble getting one whatever time it is and whether the whatever day. As in any other city in the world, raising your hand is enough to make you stand up. As in Spain, to know if they are free you have to check if the light is on, although it is yellow there and not green like here.

All taxis in New York accept payment by card, which is essential nowadays since we do not always have money and the need to take one may arise at any time. The flag descent is $ 2.50 and each kilometer traveled usually costs $ 1.50, although from 16 to 20 hours there is a surcharge of $ 1 per rush hour and from 20h to 6 in the morning the surcharge is $ 0.50. If you are going to go through a toll or payment tunnel, you are the one who has to pay the corresponding amount. The meter must always be on and you can never be charged extra for carrying luggage.

Taxi drivers are also usually tipped, 10 to 15% of the total for the race, and although it is not mandatory, it is usually done when they have been nice and kind to you. If you are or go with a disabled person and need help, the taxi driver is not obliged to help you and if he does not want to, you should call 311 to request a special taxi .

As a recommendation, even if your English is good, always have the address of where you are going written on a piece of paper, since there are taxi drivers of many nationalities and no matter how well you speak, you may find one with whom you cannot understand. so to avoid problems and misunderstandings write it down. When you arrive at the airport be careful as there are many illegal taxi drivers who will always try to scam you. The price from JFK airport to Manhattan is $ 45 always.