The 6 most beautiful cities in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country for different reasons. Those who have been lucky enough to visit it at some point in their lives know this, since its natural, cultural and gastronomic wealth allows you to enjoy an unforgettable stay. Also, don’t forget that there are cities that are among the best in South America, and I’m not just referring to Buenos Aires, which is by far the most popular of all.

Next I will talk to you about what in my humble opinion are the six most beautiful cities in the country.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
The capital of Argentina is a city of about 3 million inhabitants that you will not finish in two days. You need about a week to soak up the beauty of its streets and to understand why its people are so passionate. Soccer is experienced with great intensity, something that is exemplified by the rivalry between River Plate and Boca Juniors, while tango is the best antidote to stress. In addition, despite being an urban destination, it has more than 100 public green spaces, among which it is worth mentioning the 350-hectare Ecological Reserve, an ideal place to practice all kinds of outdoor sports.

Mar del Plata

It is not nearly as big as Buenos Aires, since it does not even reach one million inhabitants, but no one can deny that Mar del Plata is one of the most beautiful cities in the country for the simple fact of being a beach tourist destination that has it all. We can walk along the shore to relax, taste the best fish in the area, visit museums and palaces … Normal that is in the sights of many families.


Cordoba Argentina
The second most populated city in Argentina (about one and a half million inhabitants) is an oasis for those who enjoy cultural tourism. Museums, shows, festivals… All in one place that can boast of having one of the few parts of the country that have been declared a World Heritage Site: the Manzana and the Jesuit Estancias.

Villa Carlos Paz

Without moving too much from Córdoba we came across Villa Carlos Paz, a tourist city located on the Atlantic coast that has become famous for places like Punta Mogotes and Playa Grande . This last beach is the favorite destination of thousands of Argentine surfers, despite the fact that there are many more activities available to tourists: mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding, rappelling, diving, fishing, climbing, paragliding …


The most important city in western Argentina is Mendoza. It is in a plain to the east of the Andes mountain range and has a population of around one million inhabitants (almost two million if we count the entire province). It had the privilege of being one of the candidates for the 7 Wonder Cities of the World and can boast of being one of those with the highest density of trees.


In this classification, Ushuaia, a city located in the south of the country, on the coasts of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, could not be left out. Nature, cold, tranquility, beauty … These are some of the words that we can associate with this city full of valleys with lakes of glacial origin. Its climate is similar to that of Iceland , so you have to visit it well prepared. It is the city where they say the world ends, something that undoubtedly invites you to visit it to discover all its mysteries.

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