The best towns in Portugal

Portugal is a country that we are so close to that we almost always "go" from going to meet it to go to other places, thinking that overall, as the Portuguese country is here next door, there will always be time to visit it. With this crisis, as not everyone can make great trips, there are many who have finally decided to enjoy their vacations in our neighboring country, without a doubt a success.

If we talk about Portugal, everyone knows big cities like Lisbon, Porto or Braga, but there are also many charming little towns that are worth visiting. Precisely, I would like to focus on these towns today, whether they are small or large, famous or unknown… They are the best towns and small cities in Portugal, and you should definitely visit them if you have the opportunity.


Afonso Henriques was born here, the first king of the country, so it is considered the cradle of Portugal . Its medieval area is truly spectacular and totally authentic, with a lot of charm. As long as the years go by, the past so important continues to be preserved in every corner.

Viana do Castelo

It is one of my favorite Portuguese places since, in addition to its beauty, it preserves a large part of the country’s folk traditions . The architecture of the public buildings is very remarkable, and here you will taste one of the best cod in the country.


If in addition to visiting towns and cities you want to go to the beach , Guincho will be a perfect place for it. It is a beautiful place where you will see how the waves crash against a fortress from several centuries ago. It is on the Estoril coast.


It is a typical fishing village , which in itself means that it has a lot of charm. The local crafts are truly amazing, and both the culture and traditions are deeply rooted.


A city especially famous for the basilica of the same name, which honors the apparition of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children at the beginning of the 20th century. A place where there are many very interesting monuments and churches.


If you like architecture , in Évora you will find one of the great Portuguese jewels in that sense. A Roman temple and several convents and monasteries from almost 10 centuries ago stand out especially.


A city well known for being the academic center of the country thanks to a university that has its beginnings in the Middle Ages. Its historic center is really interesting.