The Caldea spa creates the first spa for children

Caldea children
Are you missing hours in the day? Like most! And the thing is that today most of us lead such a busy life that we don’t even have a little free time to dedicate to ourselves. Even so, we must try to get it from wherever it may be, since experts recommend saving a few hours a day and a few days a month to dedicate it to what we like the most, be it reading, watching TV, going out with friends, enjoying the nature…

Of course, from time to time there is no harm in escaping to a spa to disconnect from the daily routine and stress. However, it is difficult for those with dependent children to make a getaway of this style, since many of the spas do not allow children, so they must hire someone to take care of the children while they are away. Luckily, there will be a better option soon. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below!

Bringing spas to families

We have just learned that Caldea , one of the best-known spas in Andorra, which offers thermal waters, spas, saunas, relaxation and beauty treatments, among other things, has just made a firm commitment to bring the world of spas closer to families. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! His project consists of creating a specific spa area for children from 3 to 8 years old, which will allow families to share unique moments. Isn’t that an excellent idea? Well, we give you more details!

Caldea children1

The world’s first children’s spa

In a very short time, the Caldea spa, located in Escaldes-Engordany , will not only be the largest thermal area in all of Europe, but it will also become the first in the world to incorporate a children’s spa. Of course, to enjoy it we will have to wait until 2016, which will be when the construction is finished, which will involve an investment of 650,000 euros. This thermal area will allow the smallest of the house to enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters of the spa in an exclusive space for them and, of course, adapted to their needs.

What will the children’s spa include

As they tell from the Caldea blog, this space equipped for children will be located in the current infra-red area. Thus, this space will become a children’s space of about 400 square meters to ensure that the smallest of the house enter the world of the spa in an instructive and, of course, fun way . Thus, from the summer of 2016, children will be able to enjoy a play area, a mini-jacuzzi, a space with loungers where they can relax, a part of workshops and a beauty area in which treatment for children will be offered. .

Caldea children2

Lifeguards and educators

Although there is still nothing for sure, it seems that Caldea is studying the possibility of making it possible for children to enjoy this space alone, that is, without the company of their parents, something that would be great for adults, who will be able to enjoy a time for them. Thus, the idea is to incorporate lifeguards and specialized educators. As you can see, thanks to this interesting Caldea project, from next summer children over 3 years old will be able to access this spa center, which will be a real joy for all those parents who are fond of this type of space. Don’t you feel like getting it going now?