The Crater of Diamonds State Park

It is located in Murfreesboro , Arkansas and is the only place in the world that allows visitors to dig for diamonds. The Crater of Diamonds is truly unique as it has become a special place for lovers of treasures. There are no restrictions on the amount of " treasure " that a visitor can take, this means that if you are lucky enough to find a brilliant piece, you can take it home.

So now you can prepare to search and search within the 37.5 hectares that the crater occupies. This vastness is the result of years of erosion of the volcano’s crater surface. Once you have found a treasure, they will analyze it for you in the park itself so that the find is recorded. You can find different types of diamonds, as well as 40 different types of minerals and crystalline rocks (including precious and semi-precious stones).

Many do not believe it but most visitors say that the chances are quite high of being able to find some type of stone. The most “seekers” can hire the necessary machinery for the excavation in the same park. But if treasure hunting is not your thing, the area offers you other entertainment possibilities.

You can take a walk or hike through the forest and reach the water park located on the premises. Also, you can have a picnic or go fishing in the Little Missouri River. Crater of Diamonds State Park is a nature lover’s paradise where you can appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of Arkansas .