Visit Atlantic City

Last night I saw one of my favorite series and in that chapter its protagonists traveled to Atlantic City to solve a murder, which made me automatically want to write that place when I realized that it was something like Las Vegas but very close to New York . It has always been conceived as a leisure city to compete with the great offer of this type on the west coast.

In Atlantic City you can find a lot of casinos , beaches, restaurants and a wide variety of hotels, undoubtedly the ideal place to spend some "crazy days" during your vacations and without having the suffocating heat that is always in Las Vegas because of from its desert state. Here you will find the Boardwalk , which is the first promenade in the world and where you can walk along a wooden boardwalk where you discover casinos, shops, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels and everything that is there.

This city was very famous in the middle of the last century and although it is no longer living its golden age, it has remained an exceptional place where you can have fun for a few days, receiving thousands of visitors from any corner of the United States every day. In fact, Neo-Rokinos go there whenever they want to party or something important to celebrate, especially bachelor parties .

In addition to the casinos, which is the most visited in the city and that’s really what it is for, other places should also be highlighted such as the Atlantic City Aquarium , a beautiful aquarium, or Stell’s Fudge , which is one of the most popular candy factories. old and emblematic of the United States and that it is quite an experience to be able to visit it. If you are going to be in New York or its surroundings, I recommend that you spend a day here, or rather, one night.