The history of Best Western hotels

Best Western is the largest hotel chain in the world and it does not stop growing. Actually, hotels that already exist can become westerns. How? Any privately owned hotel or motel can apply as a Best Western. The applicant hotel must meet a minimum of conditions before being able to add Best Western to its name. The highest demands to be part of the chain are focused on the quality of the rooms and customer service.

As we mentioned, in any hotel with the name of Best Western, a clean and comfortable room is guaranteed but the facilities must also have other services such as a swimming pool, hot tub, hot or cold breakfast, exercise rooms and access. to Internet. Best Western publishes an annual hotel guide with more than 360 pages.

For those who travel more, the company has its Best Western’s Gold Crown Club , which can provide customers with free stays at any of its hotels. The points provided by this club can also be exchanged for gift cards and other products and services that are available on its website.

The Best Western chain was founded in 1946 by MK Guertin . By 1963, it had already become the world’s largest hospitality chain with 699 member hotels and 35,201 rooms. In 1964, when hotels in Canada began to be incorporated, the first step towards global expansion was taken. Since then, it has a global presence in 80 countries, and more than 4,000 hotels are part of the chain.