The most beautiful towns in Iceland

We have talked to you on more than one occasion about the most beautiful places in Iceland , one of the countries that I like the most because of how different life is there if we compare it with that of Spain, England or France.

Although you may come to think that in the end you get tired of so much nature, the truth is that there are many things to do in Iceland and that is something that you can feel as soon as you visit its most beautiful towns , which I am going to tell you about below. so that you take them into account when preparing a route through this country in which the number of sheep (more than 600,000) doubles the number of people who live there.

Vík í Mýrdal

Iceland is a very cold country due to its location on the map, but if there is a town where the temperatures are more pleasant, it is Vík í Mýrdal. That does not mean that you can sunbathe as if you were in Cádiz, but at the very least it gives you a break. What you can do is visit Reynisfjara beach , whose black pebbles and basalt columns make it one of the most curious in the world. Less than 200 people live there.


If we look at the history books, we will quickly realize that Húsavík is the first inhabited place on the entire island. A Viking was the first to set foot, but he soon left, leaving behind a man and two slaves who built a farm. Today it is one of the most demanded places by tourists who come to Iceland, since in its waters it is possible to see whales . In fact, you can even visit the Húsavík Whale Museum, a non-profit organization that opened its doors in 1997.


About 50 kilometers southeast of the capital Reykjavik, we stumble upon this pretty town that has been filled with second homes . What does that mean? That in winter there are very few people. Things change in summer, when Icelanders take the opportunity to spend their holidays there, with more atmosphere and surrounded by incomparable nature. In addition, the Selfoss Festival is held each year, resulting in decorated streets and a flea market where residents sell crafts and home-cooked food.


It is the largest town on the entire Vestfirðir peninsula (Westfjords), famous for hosting some of the most important cultural events in the country, such as the Ísafjörður Rock Festival, Við Djúpið Music Festival of classical music or the Fossavatn Ski Marathon , a ski event that has been held since 1935.


It is one of the most beautiful towns in Iceland by far, something that partly has to do with the fact that it is at the innermost point of a fjord. This allows you to climb to the top of its hills to contemplate incredible panoramic views, while you can go hiking camera in hand. On the other hand, if you opt for a more relaxed plan, you should know that you are always on time to stay with the locals, who have a reputation for being very friendly with tourists.


It is very small and is in a rather remote area where sheep and horses abound. It is highly recommended for adventurers, and also for those curious to visit the Museum of Witchcraft and Wizardry , where one can soak up everything that local witches were said to do in the 17th century.


This other town is on the Snæfellsnes peninsula and is undoubtedly worthy of being on this list for the beauty of its old town, which is next to the port. In addition, you can go further and visit the islands that surround the Breiðafjörður fjord , in what will be an experience that you will hardly forget.


Unlike what happens with most Icelandic towns that I have mentioned above, in this case it is not recommended to travel in summer, but the best season to visit is winter. This is so because you can enjoy all kinds of sports related to snow, although it is also true that in summer you can practice golf or go fishing. Be that as it may, you should visit the Herring Museum ( Herring Museum ), where they will explain that these fish have turned out to be fundamental in the economic growth of the area.

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