The most luxurious passenger planes in the world

Most luxurious passenger planes
Although, without a doubt, traveling by plane is more comfortable and faster than doing it in other means of transport, the truth is that, on many occasions, flying is really a nightmare, especially when flying in low-cost companies, which is what that we do the vast majority. I wish we could travel on planes like the one we’re going to show you today!

We refer to the new aircraft from Etihad , an airline of the United Arab Emirates, based in Abu Dhabi, which will offer passengers a 125-square-meter suite with a bed, living room, private bathroom with shower and personal butler. And that the company already had chefs and babysitters for first-class passengers. More details? Next!

Premium cabin interiors

In addition to everything we have discussed previously, the interiors of the Premium cabins on the Airbus 380 will feature prayer areas, artwork, a 32-inch LCD television and gourmet food. Of course, it also has WiFi. For all this, it has been baptized as La Residence .

Most luxurious passenger planes

First Class First Apartments

This residence will only be available for two passengers in its double-decker A380s, which will enter service in December. In addition, these aircraft will feature a new first class called First Apartments . Passengers traveling with this privilege will have their own door, a mini-bar, personal dressing table, closet and a television monitor. The Etihad fleet of the new Boeing 787s will also have these new cabins.

15,000 euros a ticket

Surely you are already wondering how much it can cost to travel in a "residence" like the one we have talked about, right? Well, although the price is unknown, some media speak of 15,000 euros a ticket. Would you like to live the experience of flying in a luxury cabin?