The most spectacular hotels on the planet

The idea of ​​being able to travel to a wonderful destination with spectacular views and the ideal conditions to spend a dream vacation is something that most of us would like to experience, however, what if the best of this experience was not only the place to which we are going, but the stay that we could have in such a space?

Around the world there are countless destinations with a special charm, such as the beautiful town of Mazatlán , and in turn, there are also hotels of indescribable beauty that are definitely worth knowing, so in this article we will tell you about the complexes to stay more awesome on the planet.

Hotel Four Seasons Bora Bora

Located in French Polynesia, in the south of the Pacific Ocean, this paradisiac complex is one of the most popular places for both entertainment celebrities and sports stars of international stature, since the majesty of the landscape as well as the mysticism of the space where it is find, make it a corner impossible to forget.

One of the peculiarities that characterize this hotel is that it is literally on its own island, and each of the rooms has all the comforts so that its occupants practically do not have the need to leave them, therefore it is a highly recommended site. for newly married couples.

Hotel Conrad Rangali Island Resort

Located in the Maldives Islands, this majestic Resort has positioned itself as one of the most exclusive spaces due to the impressive conditions of the facilities it has, among which its private villas stand out, made up of two islands connected by a bridge. , they can go as far as 500 meters into the Indian Ocean .

At the same time, another aspect that has given it international fame is its luxurious restaurant located under the waters of the ocean, in which, through its glass walls, you can observe the vast marine fauna that inhabits these waters. while enjoying a delicious dish, undoubtedly an experience worth living.


Hotel Kakslauttanen

Leaving aside the tropical settings a bit, now we are heading to northeast Europe to an area that has perplexed more than one for its spectacular beauty, we refer to the Kakslauttanen hotel located in the Republic of Finland .

This pleasant space, located specifically in a desert a short distance from Urho Kekkonen National Park, is made up of 20 igloos whose main attraction is its thermal glass dome, through which you can appreciate the sky full of thousands of stars during winter nights. in addition to the alluring northern lights.

Each of the rooms is designed to accommodate two people, and include all the necessary amenities to ensure a first-rate stay.

Ice Hotel

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sleep like a penguin, then we recommend taking a getaway to the Glace Hotel so you can get an idea about this peculiarity.

This unusual complex is located in Canada and has been classified by experts in the hotel industry as one of the most unusual places to spend your holidays, since literally 90% of its infrastructure is made up of solid ice.

An interesting fact is the fact that year after year, this hotel must be rebuilt almost in its entirety during times when temperatures rise in that country, since during that season the walls begin to melt.

Hotel Aqua Dome

Located a very short distance from the Ötztal Alps in Austria, this beautiful 4-star hotel has many attractions that make it a 100% destination for family enjoyment , since you will find an interesting open-air spa, saunas, gym and a children’s area for recreational activities.

In addition to these highly attractive aspects, those who have had the opportunity to stay in such an interesting space affirm that the rooms are spacious and very comfortable, as well as that the service and attention from the staff is first class.

Hotel Caves Resort

Undoubtedly a Jamaican corner of singular beauty, since much of its facilities are located between spacious limestone caverns just 10 kilometers from Seven Mile Beach.

Along with the extravagant experience that comes from having a few drinks inside its cavernous bar, most of the suites that make up the Caves Resort are located on a cliff, which gives them a panoramic and very enriching view of the Caribbean Sea. .

And to top it off with the surprises this heavenly place has to offer, it also has a large hydromassage bath just in front of the cliff, creating a romantic and sensual atmosphere that you should experience with your partner.

These are some of the most impressive hotel complexes in the world , so if you want to know any of them, do not hesitate any longer, book a stay in that dream hotel and get ready to live a fantastic experience. If, on the contrary, you do not want to visit any of these destinations, and do other cities in different countries, such as Mexico, we recommend that you look for hotels in Mazatlán Sinaloa and you will live a more authentic experience and not as extravagant as those collected in this article. Because in the book of tastes, there is nothing written.