The Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid

Madrid is a city that has innumerable attractions and that you must visit several times in your life to get to know it in depth. In addition, no matter how much you visit it, you always want to return since it has a special charm, something that I really believe that all the cities and towns of our country have. Today I would like to write about Paseo de la Castellana , one of the most famous places in the capital.

In this huge avenue you will find many of the most important buildings in the city, especially business buildings. There are headquarters of ministries, embassies, financial entities and also many shops, bars and entertainment venues. You can start your journey from the Plaza de Colón , a place that is also a must-see and in front of which is the city’s Wax Museum, also highly recommended as it is very interesting and fun.

Along the Castellana you can also see the Kio Towers , two towers that are inclined towards each other and that form the so-called Puerta de Europa. These towers are very popular and have been featured in numerous movies that have been shot in the capital. There is also the headquarters of the Canal de Isabel II Foundation, where there are several exhibitions that are usually very interesting.

Many places of interest

On your way you will also pass through the Plaza del Doctor Marañón, a prestigious Spanish doctor, writer, scientist and historian. In this square there is an equestrian statue of the Marqués del Duero. Shortly after, you will arrive at the National Museum of Natural Sciences , which is very interesting for tourists of any age but especially for children. In it you can see more than six million animal species of different times and sizes, from elephants to insects.

Another square that you will find on the route is the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz, which you see once you arrive at the Nuevos Ministerios, government buildings that are of great architectural interest. If you like shopping, in this area you have one of the most important shopping centers in the city (El Corte Inglés). The last part of the Paseo de la Castellana will take you through other squares such as those of Cuzco, Lima and Castilla, passing through the Palacio de Congresos or the Santiago Bernabéu stadium , where Real Madrid plays.