Tips for when it rains while camping

Nobody likes it to rain when they go on vacation but this problem is worse when the holidays are at a campsite. In fact, when we know that this is going to happen thanks to weather forecasts, it is best to cancel or reschedule trips to the field . The worst thing is that, being already there, it starts to rain. Don’t worry and try to be as positive as you can. Have you tried listening to the melodious sound that the rain makes when it hits your tent?

This problem of rain should always be taken into account. To get started, start by selecting an elevated spot in your camping area to pitch your tent. Try to bring some tarp that allows you to tie it to the trees so that it makes you the umbrella effect. Make sure to install the tarp in such a way that it allows the rain to get out without accumulating.

Some experts recommend digging a ditch around the tent to make way for rainwater, however, this is not a highly recommended option because you are going to destroy part of the area where you are sleeping. On the other hand, do not forget to bring a complete outfit, in which you must include a good quality jacket and a raincoat. Consider buying plastic ponchos , which are very cheap and will prevent you from getting wet.

Although cotton clothing is everyone’s favorite when we go on a trip, here it is necessary that you avoid it, since it is the worst when it comes to being wet. You should look for warm, comfortable and breathable clothes. The point is warm and usually dries better. Remember to carry all your belongings in a waterproof bag .