The port of Monaco

There is only one way to enter Monaco (by sea) without having to travel through France: Port Hercule . This is what the powerful port of this small-great country is called. The most important thing for many of its inhabitants is that its port is also the only way to enter the Principality in style. Style is the star of any trip to Monaco. You will be able to see and feel it through every square meter that you walk through as soon as you arrive.

From afar, you are sure to be in awe of its terracotta color and the endless number of buildings you will find in the area. Don’t miss the floating mansions in the harbor. As you enter the harbor, there is an air of dynamism, albeit modest.

You can rent a Segway at the information office, but it is much more elegant to start your journey by showing the most expensive shoes you have. You will soon arrive at the casino . During this short journey, you will realize that it would have been better to rent a car with a driver so that everyone can see you… if you are walking you will not be the center of attention.

When you finally decide to return to the port, you should go to see some of the luxurious boats that you will find there. All large yacht builders have offices in the vicinity. Wally is one of the strongest companies in the area. One of the boats you will see is the « W2 «. It is designed by Philippe Starck, it is a true work of art. It is very easy to spot thanks to its old-fashioned curves and the use of a special wood.