The Town Hall Hotel in London

After the problems caused by the dust cloud from the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano, many companies in the tourism sector are looking for new ways to attract more tourists to see if they can recover a bit from the blow they have suffered. Some have decided to lower their prices and others look for new and attractive resources that can attract more tourists. This is the case of a new hotel that will soon open its doors.

Known as the Town Hall Hotel , this new hotel is situated in an old building in the heart of London’s East End. The curious thing is, that years ago it was the building that housed the city hall. It is currently going to reopen its doors as a luxury hotel. To improve its appearance, the entire building has been restored. Inside it has a total of 98 rooms that do not lack a single detail.

The company that has been in charge of the entire “transformation” process, Design Hotels, has chosen to keep many of the original interiors, including the council room, marble hallways and sweeping staircases. The building, in addition to the classic rooms, also has small apartments consisting of one or two bedrooms and a good bathroom. These rooms have an original decoration that mixes contemporary furniture and modern kitchens.

The hotel also has a gym, a swimming pool in the style of classic traditional spas and a restaurant that will be run by Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes. The East End area is undergoing a major makeover due to the upcoming 2012 Olympics.