The Trasmiera Coast in Cantabria

Now that the good weather is coming, surely many people are already preparing their summer holidays or a weekend getaway if the "cows" are still too far away. One of the many perfect places to visit in good weather is the Costa de Trasmiera , which is in Cantabria and although it is also beautiful during winter, there is no doubt that with sun and good temperatures it will be much better enjoyed.

This beautiful place extends from the Bay of Santander to the Bay of Santonña, showing the spectacular nature of the Cantabrian coast. Beaches, marshes and cliffs make this place one of the most spectacular in our country, also encompassing some of the best beaches in Cantabria. The beaches of Somo, La Arena and La Berria are some of the most beautiful in the area, and Somo is very close to Santander.

In addition to many beaches and natural landscapes , in the area you can find several horse riding competitions, also hosting very important events. You can also find a lot of crafts, especially in the city of Somo since it is known as "The town of ceramics" , so there you can find the best pieces of the region. Pedreña is another very interesting municipality that you find on the Trasmiera Coast, also having a beach and taverns where you can taste the best of Cantabrian cuisine.

When you get to Cabo de Quintres the landscape changes a bit but it also has great beauty, with towns like Langre or Galizano, which have small but charming and very beautiful beaches. The best itinerary to enjoy the best of this coast is to visit Pedreña, Somo, Galizano, Ajo, Arnuero, Argonos and Santoña . There are many more towns along the way and they are also worth visiting, but that will depend on how much time you have.