The Coast of the Gods in Italy

One of the most magical places that I have discovered lately is the Italian Coast of the Gods (called Costa degli Dei) and they are a paradise that covers 40 kilometers of coastline with a sea and a dreamlike landscape. This area is also known as "Bella Costa" for its beauty and on its way it meets several Italian municipalities and cities.

Tropea is the main city that is in the Coast of the Gods, a piece of coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea that is in the province of Vibo Valentia and in front of the Aeolian Islands. Along its coast you can find beautiful towns in addition to Tropea, such as Pizzo, Parghelia, Briatico or Capo Vasticano. In this area you can find a unique coastline since in all of it you can find the different types of Italian coasts.

On the Costa de los Dioses you can find several white sand beaches , many of them with campsites, large or small beaches, coves, bays, hotels, apartments, cities, small towns … A very complete offer so that you can enjoy the area of the way you like the most. It should be noted that there are some bays that you can only access by boat so that there is no contamination of any kind with another means of transport.

The sea is really spectacular and beautiful along the entire coast, and in some parts you can see dolphins . In addition, the Costa de los Dioses belongs to a Marine Park that was instituted in 2008, so you can find a great variety of marine species and a fully protected and cared for area. If you don’t know where to go on vacation this year, it is certainly highly recommended as it is a true paradise for those who want a coastal destination.