Tips for traveling to Brazil safely

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Rio de Janeiro last night kicked off the 2016 Olympic Games with an opening ceremony that was a colorful party about Brazilian culture, with lots of dancing, great stars from Brazil and a very clear message: we must all do our bit to conserve our planet, which we have worked so hard to destroy.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Rio Games have officially started, today at Vuela Viajes we want to give some advice that can be very useful to those who have traveled to Brazil to enjoy this important sporting event. This is a comprehensive summary of the recommendations provided by the Brazilian team at Skyscanner and travel expert Marie-Sophie Jammes for safe travel. Yes, we know that most tourists end their trip through the Rio de Janeiro country without problems, but it is important to bear in mind that crime and violence levels are quite high, especially in large cities. Would you like to join us?

Watch with the transports

First of all, we want to talk to you about the advice related to transport that they offer us from the flight search engine. Thus, it is important that you be careful with taxis , since there is a high risk that taxi drivers will rob you after leaving the airport or that the vehicle will be retained by another person. Therefore, the ideal is to book a taxi through an airport agency. Of course, you will also have to be vigilant on the bus, where thefts are also frequent. In this sense, the best thing is that you sit close to the driver or the exit.

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Be careful what you wear

On the other hand, you should be very careful of what you are wearing. Thus, it is important that you do not flaunt money or jewelry. In fact, ideally you should bring an old cell phone, money to get through the day, and a simple watch. What is recommended is to carry a small purse with extra money and credit cards in case you are stolen, which you can keep in your underwear. As for the camera, the ideal is that you take it in an old plastic bag from a supermarket so that it goes unnoticed.

What not to do

According to Skyscanner, there are some things that you should not do during your trip to Brazil, such as taking money from street ATMs, but doing it inside bank branches. They also do not recommend hanging your backpack or bag on chairs and avoiding crowded beaches as much as possible, since they are among the preferred places for thieves. If you do, take the essentials with you. Of course, you should also avoid the narrow and empty streets, especially when the sun goes down.

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What you should do

Now that you are clear about what you should not do during your trip to Brazil, we want to talk to you about the things that you should do. Thus, it is a good idea to do couchsurfing (you will find more information about this concept in our article "How to stay for free when you travel"). In this way, you will get to know the Brazilians better and they will be able to give you many tips for traveling. It is also recommended that you dress and act like the locals, that is, the ideal is that you wear T-shirts, shorts and havaianas and that you pretend to know where you are and where you are going. In the same way, you will need to learn some local vocabulary and get local information. Finally, we want to recommend that you take out travel insurance and, of course, that you enjoy the Brazilian lifestyle.

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