Tips for traveling to Rome

Rome Coliseum
One of the European cities that receives the most visitors every year is Rome , undoubtedly one of the great attractions of our continent and that takes the cake when it comes to tourism in Italian cities. As when you prepare your trip to any other city, when you are going to travel to Rome you must take several things into account in order to get the most out of your trip.

If you want your trip to be perfect and you can have everything controlled and well prepared , read on and you will see that the organization of your trip to Rome will be much more complete.

To consider

Organization : it is the most important thing so that you can have everything perfectly planned, although it is clear that any setback can always arise that you will have to face on the go. In Rome there are thousands of tourists every day, which means that its main attractions are always full. If you are going to go to a paid attraction, always go first thing in the morning to be able to enter calmly and enjoy it much better.

Transport : once in Rome, forget about any means of transport to get around the city. If you were planning to rent a car, remove it from your plans since Rome can be explored on foot, at least the most important thing, and there is public transport that is very well organized.

Clothes : on each trip you have to take into account the climate at the destination to know what clothes to wear. In Rome there is a similar climate to that of Spain, so you will wear the same clothes that you are wearing depending on the time of year. In certain places, such as the Vatican, there are dress regulations, such as that women must have their shoulders covered or that men cannot enter with shorts.

Theft : as in any other city in the world, there are always smart-ass people who want to take advantage of any mistake of a tourist to steal, be it a wallet, a camera, a backpack, etc. Never lose sight of your belongings, leave things in a safe at the hotel and when you take out your wallet, make sure you close it tightly and keep it in a safe place so that no one can take it. Do not carry all your money in the same place, so if your wallet or backpack is stolen, you will have more money in another place.

Tourism : if you want to get to know the city in depth and all the details of each of its monuments, getting an audio guide is the best option as it will help you get to know better any place you visit.