Travel to Espiritu Santo

Holy Spirit
Espiritu Santo is known as the "Capital of Adventure" and the "Mecca for divers." The adventure begins with the Zapper River where as soon as travelers arrive they will discover an impressive cave. In the area you can see coconut plantations and animals grazing on them. Trekking has become the sport in fashion thanks to the small and interesting villages that can be visited.

Diving is also another essential since the more adventurous will enjoy the sighting of impressive shipwrecks and coral reefs. In certain areas, these reefs are just a few meters from the beach. Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu and has the four highest peaks (all over 1,700 m): Mt Tabwemasana, Mt Kotamtam, Mt Tawaloala and Santo Peak.

This mountainous spine runs along almost the entire west coast of the island. On the contrary, the coastal strips of the southern and eastern areas are much flatter, so grazing and plantations are the order of the day. In these areas you can learn much better about the history of the island .

Santo has an interesting mix of city cowboys , who live along the southern and eastern coastlines, with the villagers who are far removed and who continue to dress in clothing made from jungle leaves. These villagers are totally self-sufficient and perform different ceremonies for tourists that leave them fascinated. The island has some fabulous tourist facilities.