Travel to Manchester

Manchester is one of the main cities in England and, for my taste, one of the best. Its architecture is spectacular and you can see buildings that are authentic architectural gems and that many places around the world follow its style. The architecture that is designed in Manchester sets trends. As for tourism, it is one of the favorite cities for European tourists since it never goes out of style, it is constantly being renovated and it can also be easily traveled thanks to the Metrolink tram . Its airport is the most modern and welcomes many daily flights from anywhere in the world, many of them low-cost flights.

For starters, you should take a walk through Piccadilly Gardens , a beautiful place. The millennium neighborhood, the northern neighborhood (very bohemian) or Chinatown, a variety of environments in the same city and where you will enjoy each of its streets. In the southern part of the city I recommend Castlefield and Deansgate docks, where you can dine in front of the sea in one of its many restaurants, a real joy! To know in detail the situation of all the places, visit the Tourist Information Center, it is in the Town Hall right next to Saint Peter Square, and there you can also buy tickets for various excursions. Peckforton Castle , impressive.

On a cultural level, the Urbis Museum is spectacular and is shaped like a huge glass triangle … does it sound like something to you? Manchester Cathedral is one of the emblems of the city and a must-see, as are the Museum of Science and Industry, Beeston Castle , Bunbury Water Mill, Peel Tower, Turton Tower or Tabley House, all of them places with a lot of history and a great variety. In the Museum of Science and Industry you can even see a large collection of steam engines and locomotives.