Tulip Museum in Amsterdam

One of the main symbols of Holland , if not the main one, is the tulip , a beautiful flower that you can find in any corner of the country and that they use to decorate practically everything since it arrived in their lands back in the 16th century and since then it has become a very special element for all the Dutch.

Such is the importance they give to this flower that in Amsterdam there is a museum dedicated to it, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum , where you can discover everything about the history of tulips, their relationship with the Netherlands and also about their cultivation. It is located in the heart of the tourist center, next to the Anne Frank House Museum and the Prisengracht canal, so it is the ideal place for you to include it in one of your routes.

In the Tulip Museum in Amsterdam you can see several exhibitions of what is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, as well as how its bulb and its plantation has been and is from its inception to the present day. Like any museum, it also has a store, spectacular by the way, where you can find all kinds of souvenirs such as flowers, paintings, books and many other things that if you are a lover of this flower you will undoubtedly love them.

To better guide you on its location, it is very close to the Central Station and you can get there both on foot and by bicycle , also having a place to park it, and in this city they give great importance to this means of transport. Undoubtedly the ideal occasion to discover the story of a wonderful flower with the most history in the world.