Gospel Masses in New York

If there is something that almost all of us want to do when we visit New York, it is listen to live gospel music , and it is that at least for me it is one of my favorite genres and whenever I hear about a concert I do my best to be able to go. Music loaded with religious messages, it is a true marvel and everyone who listens to it live falls in love, regardless of how believing they are or how they cease to be.

That is why going to a gospel mass in New York enters the travel route of almost everyone who steps on this wonderful city, and for that, nothing better than visiting Harlem, the authentic cradle of this musical style and where you can see the best in the city since there is tradition and practically in any corner you can listen to it.

Although you can hear it in various neighborhoods, as I told you, Harlem is the best choice and there gospel masses are held on Sundays (as in the rest of the city). You can go on your own or you can include yourself in one of the many groups that are organized to go to see it, and it is one of the main attractions of the city and as there are groups to see the Statue of Liberty, it is also there is for this.

If you are going to go to one of these masses, you must take into account a series of rules of behavior , and it is that there, like every Sunday there is mass, people dress in their best clothes to go, and although tourists do not have to dress Well, a minimum of decency is required in the attire, that is, do not go with shorts and flip-flops because although I do not think that they will prohibit you from entering, it will not be well seen either.

When it comes to singing, clapping and all that, always look at what others are doing so as not to screw up, and do not forget that it is a church and as such deserves respect. Mass usually lasts about 3 hours , so if you do not want to see it in its entirety, go with the greatest discretion so as not to disturb others, and it is that you have to bear in mind that it is a religious service and not a concert for tourists.