Flea markets in Rome

One of the most attractive cities in the world to visit during a vacation is Rome , because the Italian capital has so many things to offer that you could be there for weeks and still not see everything. On many occasions we have told you about this wonderful city and the many things you can visit and do during your trip, and today I will focus on one that almost all of us love to do when we travel: go to markets .

There are many open-air markets throughout the city where you can find all kinds of things, in addition to getting fully into a world of cultures where the Roman predominates, how could it be otherwise. Take note of the most interesting markets in Rome :

Mercadillo dei Fiori : It is about food and in it you can find typical Italian food every morning, which gives the Plaza dei Fiori a spectacular atmosphere with thousands of tourists who visit all the stalls, although the Romans themselves also come to buy there.

Mercato della Stampe : It is in Piazza Borguese, a small square where stalls dedicated to collectors meet where you can find all kinds of books, stamps, posters, autographs, famous clothes and much more. It has been celebrated for more than 50 years and you can find very interesting things from just a couple of euros.

Mercato de Via Sannio : It is in a commercial area, near the Aurelian walls, so there are always a lot of people, although it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you like antiques and second-hand items. It opens from Monday to Saturday and although it is small it has a lot of charm since in the area you will not only enjoy a very special market but the architecture that you can see is spectacular.