New York parks

One of the cities that attracts the most tourism every year is New York , which has many things to offer and there are millions of travelers whose dream is to be able to visit it one day. One of the great symbols of the city is Central Park, and it is that this immense park has appeared in so many movies and series that it seems that we know it by heart even without ever having stepped on it.

Even so, in New York there are many parks of different sizes and distributed throughout the city, so I recommend that in addition to visiting the most famous, you also visit others that are equally interesting. Take note of the most famous parks in New York :

Central Park : I recommend you better take a look at the special article dedicated to this park.
Battery Park : It has been in Lower Manhattan for more than 200 years and has always been considered an important part in the history of the city. Inside is the Castle Garden, which was the first arrival station for immigrants and which offers you a review of the history of the city. From this park you can have what is probably the best view of the East River, as well as being able to enjoy the Statue of Liberty as if you were right there.
Randall Island Park : It is on the banks of the East River and the Harlem River, just across from Manhattan and south of the Bronx. It’s changed a lot in the past few years, in part because the new mayor showed great support for all open waterfront spaces and pledged to restore and preserve them. There are several sports and recreational facilities, so you can spend a whole day without getting bored at any time thanks to its golf center, its 20 tennis courts or the special lanes for skates or bicycles.
Marine Park : It is in Brooklyn and has more than 200 hectares of gardens, meadows and spectacular marshes, which are also protected as a Nature Reserve. It is home to a great variety of flora and fauna and is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are special areas for golfing, baseball, cricket, cycling and even canoeing, plus it also has playgrounds so that the little ones are always entertained.